Studies on Soybean milk (1)


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  • 豆乳に関する研究 (第1報)

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Soybean milk is prepared in the laboratory under various conditions to discuss the effects of the amount of water added, heating temperature and heating time on its chemical composition and physical properties. When the amount of water is less than 5 times of soybean, a part of its protein becomes insoluble and the viscosity of the milk is unusually high. The viscosity of the milk after dilution is higher than that of the milk which is diluted before heating. The chemical composition and physical properties of the milks prepared by heating before and after filtration are compared. Although the chemical composition of both milks are not so different, the viscosity of the latter milk is lower than that of the former.<BR>When 1.0% of NaCl and 10% of glucose or sucrose are added to the milk, they increase somewhat the viscosity. By adding 0.15% of NaC1 before heating, the viscosity of the milk becomes fairly higher than by adding after heating.<BR>The characteristic odor of soybean milk can be removed by soaking soybean in 0.01-0.1% hydrogen peroxide solution and putting hot steam into the milk for 10 minutes.


  • Eiyo To Shokuryo

    Eiyo To Shokuryo 15 (3), 191-195, 1962



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