Development of Real-time Simulation for Robotic Tele-surgery

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  • 遠隔ロボット手術用リアルタイムシミュレーション技術の開発
  • エンカク ロボット シュジュツヨウ リアルタイムシミュレーション ギジュツ ノ カイハツ

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Medical robotics have started using methods of minimally invasive surgery as standard, and this technology has been used for remote operations i.e. tele-surgery. There is an actual case which exclusive communication lines were used during robotic tele-surgery. However, using special communication lines is not average method. So, the construction of the general robotic tele-surgical environments is required. In this paper, the simulation system is composed of three modules that have been developed to simulate signal characteristics in a public line. The modules are (1) QoS simulator algorithm, (2) QoS compensation algorithm and (3) Slave simulator algorithm. The requirement of the network QoS to establish the most suitable means of control was clarified. And then, an ultrasonic motor was driven and its performance was experimented to demonstrate the feasibility of (2) QoS compensation algorithm. The output value was compared with the input value of the ultrasonic motor. Buffering the network disorders was shown.



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