Retardation of Free Fatty Acid Formation in Frying Oil by Heating along with Water Spray under Low Oxygen Atmosphere

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  • 酸価はフライ油の単純加水分解ではなく酸化的劣化の指標の一つである
  • サンカ ワ フライユ ノ タンジュン カスイブンカイ デワ ナク サンカテキ レッカ ノ シヒョウ ノ ヒトツ デ アル

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High-oleic safflower oil was heated at 180°C while spraying water in a low oxygen atmosphere. Acid value (AV) was measured to evaluate the quality of heated oil. The AV of heated oil was not increased in the low oxygen atmosphere. Moreover, the addition of free fatty acids or hydroperoxide into heated oil did not potentiate the increase of AV under low oxygen atmosphere. Therefore, AV was suggested to be correlated with thermal oxidative deterioration of oil rather than simple hydrolysis of triacylglycerols.


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