Using Student Presentations to Increase Awareness of Internet Safety

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  • 高校生が中学生に情報モラルを教える授業の実践
  • コウコウセイ ガ チュウガクセイ ニ ジョウホウ モラル オ オシエル ジュギョウ ノ ジッセン

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Digital citizenship education has become increasingly important as reeflected in the new curriculum guidelines released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Teaching methods have also changed from the old top-down teacher-focused approach to a student-centered approach where "learning" by students is emphasized. Instead of focusing only on the problems and dangers on the Internet, students are being taught how to use the Internet responsibly. My research explores digital citizenship taught with this new approach in a high school "information studies" class where high school students taught junior high school students about Internet safety. Student presentations and questionnaires given after the class were used to verify "student learning."


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