A Study in Aiding the Learning Process using Hypermedia and Field Trips : A unit of traditional technical arts in elementary school social studies

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  • ハイパーメディアと直接体験による学習支援の研究 : 小学校社会科伝統工業単元を事例にして
  • ハイパーメディア ト チョクセツ タイケン ニヨル ガクシュウ シエン ノ ケ

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Instruction through the use of hypermedia has recentry increased in Japanese elementary schools. In this study, the author has developed a hypermedia unit for a social studies class as a tool for students' information processing. The two main purposes for this study are 1) to develop a work unit using hypermedia incooperating a field trip, and 2) to identify how hypermedia and field trips affect the development of students' knowledge base. After developing the hypermedia material on "Tsuishu," the author tested it on a social studies class at elementary school. Data was collected on the learning process, on image mapping test, and reports from the field trip. These were analyzed to identify the development of the students' knowledge base on Tsuishu. The results of this study are as follows. The hypermedia material aided students' information processing and aroused studnets' interest on Tsuishu. Through the field trip, the students were shown to have developed a deep respect for the craftsmen, as well as accessing greater detailed and first-hand information about the technical skill of craftsmen.



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