Curriculum Development for Media Literacy Education(2)(<Special Issue>Media Literacy Education-Perspectives)

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  • 学習者のWeb情報に対する「批判的な見方」尺度の作成(<特集>メディア・リテラシー教育の現状と課題)
  • 学習者のWeb情報に対する「批判的な見方」尺度の作成
  • ガクシュウシャ ノ Web ジョウホウ ニ タイスル ヒハンテキ ナ ミカタ シャクド ノ サクセイ

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With the spread of Information Technology, the importance of media education is increasing. Above all, Critical Viewing Skills, referred to as CVS, is an important factor. Especially, there are few studies concerning CVS with regards to the Internet and web browsing. The author focused on the ability of CVS web while browsing, and constructed a scale of CVS as basic knowledge of media education. The author divided CVS into two parts, 'disposition' and 'ability'. To assess CVS, the author used a qualitative approach as well as a quantitative approach. As a result of this, the following 2 points were found: 1) As a result of the reliability coefficient, GP analysis and Item total correlation, the reliability of the CVS scale on disposition seems to be high. 2) As a result of the qualitative analysis of the CVS scale on ability, there is a clear relationship between disposition and ability. The subjects in the high disposition group can point out how to identify the reliability of information on the web. To summarize, the reliability and validity of the CVS scale we constructed seems to be confirmed.


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