Effect of initial position and orientation error and grasping position on the success of assembling

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  • 対象物の初期位置姿勢誤差と把持位置が作業の成否に及ぼす影響


<p>This research aims to decrease the number of failure in parts assembling by robots in industries. One of the reasons of the failures is the error in initial position and orientation when an assembled part is placed on palettes. The error would remain after the part is grasped, and therefore the robot fails to assemble since the insert position would be misaligned. We suspect that the extent of propagation of the error depends on the grasping position of the part. First, an experiment was done using a simple part and real machine. Then, a situation which position and orientation error remained was modeled and the analyzed geometrically and mechanically. Using the analysis, simulations were performed to evaluate the effect of grasping position on the error of insert position. The experiment and the simulation showed that the most successful grasping position is near the insert position of the assembling part.</p>


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