1P1-Q01 Motion Planning with Hand Path Partitioning on Fast Path Tracking Constant Hand-Speed Motion using Redundant Manipulator(New Control Theory and Motion Control (1))

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  • 1P1-Q01 冗長マニピュレータによる高速な軌跡追従手先定速動作の軌跡分割を用いた動作計画(動作計画と制御の新展開(1))


In this paper, we propose a method of motion planning with partitioning of hand path on fast path tracking constant hand-speed motion by redundant manipulator. The hand path is partitioned to "difficult part" that is the part of difficult to move by torque limits and joint velocity limits, and "easy part" that is the part of easy to move. In the difficult part, we make motion planning that we have previously proposed, in order to get fast motion with redundant manipulator. In this time, we propose a path planning method on state-space in order to link a initial state and a terminal state that is derived by motion planning on difficult parts. And, we propose a method that gets fast path tracking constant hand-speed motion using motion plannings of easy part and difficult part.


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