3P2-I02 Mechanical Sway Suppression of a Small Toy Robot Using a Torque Cancelling System(Dynamics & Design of Robot System)

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  • 3P2-I02 トルクキャンセリングシステムを用いた遊戯用小型ロボットの動揺抑制(【機械力学・計測制御部門】ロボットシステムのダイナミクス&デザイン)


In recent years, motions of robot mechanisms have become faster than before to improve the efficiency of tasks. However, mechanical sway caused by high-speed operation produces unstable motion even in a small robot. To maintain its stability in motion, a torque cancelling system (TCS) is developed using a parallel solution scheme of inverse dynamics. It stabilizes mechanical sway caused by quick, rotational motion by accurate calculation of dynamics. In this study, we discuss the use of the TCS in a small toy robot and the verification of its effectiveness.



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