Vision-Based Behavior Strategy for Tomato Harvesting Robot (IV)

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  • 視覚情報に基づくトマト果実収穫ロボットの行動戦略(第四報)
  • ―トマト果実の熟度及び位置情報のマッピング―
  • -Mapping maturity and position of tomato-


<p>This paper presents a generation method of tomato growth state map that has maturity and position of tomato. The tomato growth state map is used for the tomato harvesting robot to automatically plan the harvesting movement. As a first step of generating the tomato growth state map, a mosaic image expressing the tomato cultivation environment is generated. Next, immature to mature tomato are recognized by recognition method using infrared image. Based on color and depth information, maturity of tomato is judged and tomato position is calculated. This information is added to the mosaic image, and the tomato growth state map is generated. 19 immature tomatoes and 7 mature tomatoes were automatically detected from tomato state growth map that generated from 10 images.</p>



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