Survey of Aluminium Content of Processed Food Using Baking Powder (2015–2016)

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  • 膨張剤を使用した加工食品中のアルミニウム含有量の実態調査(2015~2016年)
  • ボウチョウザイ オ シヨウ シタ カコウ ショクヒン チュウ ノ アルミニウム ガンユウリョウ ノ ジッタイ チョウサ(2015~2016ネン)

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<p>The aluminium (Al) content of Japanese confectionery and foods containing flour was investigated. Some of these items were investigated in previous studies, which examined foods that made use of baking powder containing aluminium potassium sulfate (Alum). Al was detected in 41 of the 123 samples at levels ranging from 0.01 (limit of quantitation) to 0.40 mg/g. The detection rate of Al in almost all confectionery (except Japanese confectionery) was decreased as compared with previous studies. However, the detection rate of Al in Japanese confectionery and foods containing flour was high. For 4 of the 41 samples tested, consuming one serving once a week would result in an Al intake exceeding the PTWI for young children (body weight=16 kg).</p>



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