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Axial Mixing in Emulsion-flow Column under Iodine Extraction

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<p>Strength of axial mixing in the emulsion phase during the progress of extraction was evaluated using the Peclet number under various flow conditions. The Peclet numbers were determined with the established tracer technology which applies inert species for iodine extraction. Very little effect of operating velocities of either aqueous and organic phases was found on the Peclet numbers. This fact indicates that an almost constant degree of axial mixing was kept in this column for different flow velocities of both phases. Furthermore, the degree of axial mixing of the emulsion-flow column was compared with conventional spray and packed columns by plotting the droplet Peclet number against the droplet Reynolds number. Points of the Peclet numbers of emulsion-flow column located in the middle of the spray and the packed columns, which suggests that the strength of axial mixing in the present column is in between spray and packed columns. </p>


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