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知的特別支援学校の混乱に対する臨床介入モデルの精神分析的検討(1) : 愛着障害児の投影性同一化と教師の孤立

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  • チテキ トクベツ シエン ガッコウ ノ コンラン ニ タイスル リンショウ カイニュウ モデル ノ セイシン ブンセキテキ ケントウ(1)アイチャク ショウガイジ ノ トウエイセイ ドウイツカ ト キョウシ ノ コリツ

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After the revision of the service and supports system for children with disabilities in 2012, the number of students experiencing difficulty in forming a relationship increased in intellectual special-needs schools, and teachers’ confusion when teaching and their mental health problems became conspicuous. This study intends to formulate a model that serves as a guide for clinical intervention regarding this situation. Accordingly, as the first study for a research series, the present study presents a hypothetic theoretical model based on two clinical cases. This model posits the following: 1) These students were supposed to be assessed for their attachment disorders. 2) Teachers who were linked to the mechanism of projective identification of these students accumulate aggression in his/her inner world and are involved in a pathological object relations pattern. They then get isolated from the team of teachers surrounding them. 3) It is possible to formulate an interactive system that enables both teachers and students with attachment disorder to become more mature by using the team of teachers as a container for both teachers to process and re-introject their aggression.


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