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Skeletal restration of Stegodon aurorae (Proboscidea, Mammalia) and its feature : case study in the Taga specimen(<Special issue>Recent Progress in Studies on Japanese Proboscidean Fossils)

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  • アケボノゾウの骨格復元とその特徴 -多賀標本を例として-(<特集>日本および周辺域の長鼻類化石研究の現状)
  • アケボノゾウの骨格復元とその特徴--多賀標本を例として
  • アケボノゾウ ノ コッカク フクゲン ト ソノ トクチョウ タガ ヒョウホン オ レイ ト シテ

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Almost complete skeleton of Stegodon aurorae (Taga specimen) was found in Taga town, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. On the basis of the skeletal restration of the specimen, this paper presents morphological features of Stegodon aurorae. The restored skeleton is 193cm in shoulder height; 458cm in body length. The dorsal convex curvature in anterior thoracic vertebrae is rather strong, while straightened in posterior thoracic and lumber vertebrae. The shape lined with dorsal tips of spinous processes is straight. The restored skeleton was mounted in condition of walking referring to measurements of footprint fossils. S. zdanskyi is known as large proboscidea with bout 3.6m in shoulder height. Concerning of the body proportion in the S. aurorae and S. zdanskyi, the limbs of S. aurorae are relatively shorter for length of vertebral column than those of S. zdanskyi.


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