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Effects of seating arrangement on attitude change and impression formation

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  • 態度変容と印象形成に及ぼす座席配置の効果
  • タイド ヘンヨウ ト インショウ ケイセイ ニ オヨボス ザセキ ハイチ ノ

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The purpose of present study was to investigate the effects of seating arrangements between a sender and a receiver of a persuasive communication on attitude change and impression formation. One hundred twenty subjects, 60 males and 60 females, participated in this study as the receivers. Each subject was randomly assigned to one condition of a three (seating arrangement: `across', `diagonal', or `adjacent') × two (sender sex: male or female) × two (receiver sex: male or female) between ANOVA design. The results indicated that the subjects both in the `diagonal' and the `across' arrangements changed their attitudes more the subjects in the `adjacent' arrangement. But the seating arrangements had no effects on the impression formations. To examine effects of the seating arrangements on attitude changes, possible effects due to the lack of eye contacts during persuasion period were discussed.


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