Investigation on Applying Model Predictive Control for Air Fuel Ratio Control in Transient State

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  • 過渡時空燃比制御におけるモデル予測制御の適用の検討
  • カトジ クウネンヒ セイギョ ニ オケル モデル ヨソク セイギョ ノ テキヨウ ノ ケントウ

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For improvement of fuel economy of a gasoline engine, EGR usage or stop-start sequence are increasing. Under any condition, a precise control of an air fuel ratio(AFR) is required to optimize the purification efficiency of an exhaust gas. Recently, a model predictive control(MPC) using a nonlinear model was paid attention for an accurate control. This paper experimentally investigated an application of MPC using a linear model, but it has two inputs for control and disturbance. On account of predicting the disturbance effect successfully, AFR control using MPC satisfied good performance with some robustness.



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