Handwriting Speed and Accuracy in Japanese: High School Students Studying at Special Schools for Intellectual Disabilities

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  • 特別支援学校(知的障害)高等部に在籍する生徒の視写における書字速度と正確さ
  • トクベツ シエン ガッコウ(チテキ ショウガイ)コウトウブ ニ ザイセキ スル セイト ノ シシャ ニ オケル ショジ ソクド ト セイカク サ

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the handwriting speed and accuracy of high school students studying at special schools for students with intellectual disabilities. The participants, 129 male and 72 female students, were asked to copy 4 different passages. The first passage, at the level of the 3rd grade of primary school, contained meaningful words and real sentences; 7.4% of the words were kanji (Chinese characters). The second passage contained the same Japanese characters as the first, but with the characters arranged randomly. The third passage, at the level of the 6th grade of primary school, contained real words, of which 21.1% were kanji. The fourth passage contained the same characters as the third, but as with the second passage, the characters were arranged randomly. The results of the analysis of the mean number of letters written per minute showed that the female students copied significantly faster than the males. The students copied significantly more characters in the passages in which 7.4% of the characters were kanji, compared to the 21.1% conditions. In the 7.4% kanji conditions, the students copied significantly more real words than nonwords, but the difference between real and nonwords in the 21.1% conditions was not significant. A large number of the students copied the characters accurately with few errors, but they wrote slowly. The present results suggest that students with mild intellectual disabilities may have memory skill weaknesses such that they copy characters one by one.



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