A STUDY OF THE ESTIMATION ON BUILDING WORKS : A estimating method of work motions with 6-DOF

  • CHAE Soungho
    Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda Univ.
  • KANO Naruo
    Department of Architecture, Waseda Univ.

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  • 建築工事における作業内容の推定方法に関する研究 : 6自由度データに基づく構成動作の推定方法
  • ケンチク コウジ ニ オケル サギョウ ナイヨウ ノ スイテイ ホウホウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ 6ジユウド データ ニ モトヅク コウセイ ドウサ ノ スイテイ ホウホウ

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This paper discussed on the estimation of building works with 6-DOF motion sensors. The 6-DOF (Degree-of-freedom) sensor captures 3-axis acceleration and 3-axis angle. The actual data on the sensors is computed to the feature parameters in each time-unit for the recognition of the work motions. The neural network is applied for the method of the recognition. The neural network model is designed in the three layers Back-propagation network with the standard connections. The neural network outputs show guidelines to select the work motions. The authors collected the 6-DOF motion data in partition works, and estimated work motions based on those data. The differences between the actual and the estimated motions were evaluated, and it was clarified that the method is applicable to estimate work motions in building works.


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