An Analysis of the Dynamics of Gender Roles with the Evolution of Preferences:

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  • 選好の進化による性別役割分業の変動分析:
  • 選好の進化による性別役割分業の変動 : 規範と選好
  • セン コウ ノ シンカ ニ ヨル セイベツ ヤクワリ ブンギョウ ノ ヘンドウ : キハン ト セン コウ
  • 規範と選好
  • Norms and Preference

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<p>This paper presents a useful analysis of the evolution of preferences when investigating social norms. First, this research proposes the framework of analysis. Second, this research analyzes gender roles and the gendered division of labor with the evolution of preferences. Results show that improvements in the wage gap between men and women, and the low cost of housework and child bearing, promote a change in men's attitudes toward gender roles. This leads some couples to share costs and work full time. This analysis indicates that the evolution of preferences contributes to social norm research in two ways: (i) the evolution of preferences can treat the decision-making and replicating preferences separately, and (ii) the evolution of preferences can analyze the dynamics of preferences.</p>


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