The Dissolution of Inorganic Ions in the Stabilization of Controlled Landfills (Part 2)

  • Tanaka Hirokazu
    Division of Environmental Science, Fukui Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science
  • Kamura Kazuo
    Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

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  • 管理型最終処分場の安定化における塩類溶出特性 (その2)
  • 管理型最終処分場の安定化における塩類溶出特性(その2)経過時間と埋立層から溶出するイオン種の関係についての一考察
  • カンリガタ サイシュウ ショブンジョウ ノ アンテイカ ニ オケル エンルイ ヨウシュツトクセイ(ソノ 2)ケイカ ジカン ト ウメタテソウ カラ トケダスル イオンシュ ノ カンケイ ニ ツイテ ノ イチ コウサツ
  • ――経過時間と埋立層から溶出するイオン種の関係についての一考察――
  • —Relationship between the Elapsed Time after Landfill Input and the Solubility of Ions—

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The leaching of salts from waste is one of the most important processes in the stabilization of landfills. In this study, we focused on a controlled landfill site with six blocks that had been buried at different times. Leachate was sampled at each block, and the samples were analyzed to determine ion concentrations. We also evaluated the solubility of the ions over time through their concentration in the leachate. During reclamation, the concentrations of all ions increased because of the high salinity of the reclamation waste that was supplied continually. However, the characteristics of these increases were different for each type of ion. After reclamation, the concentrations decreased exponentially over time for easily dissolvable ions (Cl, Na+ and K+). On the other hand, the dissolution rate depended on the ionic species. It is inferred that differences were caused by the mobility of each ionic species in the waste deposits. The other ions did not show a continuous exponential reduction in concentration. This suggests that some ionic dissolutions are affected by the electrical charges of the ions, the products of organic matter decomposition, and the changing atmosphere in the landfill. Inorganic ions can be considered beneficial leachate parameters that indicate the degree of stabilization reached by the landfill.



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