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Amplification factors of ground motion indices in Aomori prefecture estimated from observed ground motion

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  • 地震動記録に基づく青森県内の強震観測点のサイト増幅度


In this study, amplification factors of seismic intensity and peak ground acceleration (PGA) are studied. These indices are obtained by K-NET, KiK-net and seismic intensity information network stations in Aomori prefecture during seven earthquakes which occurred east off Aomori prefecture. At first, regression analysis using underground data of KiK-net is performed. Then amplification factors are estimated by this empirical relation. Range of amplification factor of seismic intensity is from 0.0 to 2.5. Meanwhile, amplification factor of PGA is ranged from one to 20. As coefficient of variation of these indices is around 0.2, we think that this value is not large to estimate a site amplification. We also show validity of the amplification factor using ground motion data from the 2003 Tokachi-Oki earthquake and the 1994 Sanriku Haruka Oki earthquake.


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