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  • ルール修正に及ぼす反例遭遇経験の役割
  • ルール修正に及ぼす反例遭遇経験の役割 : 理論の節約性に関するメタ知識の教授の効果
  • ルール シュウセイ ニ オヨボス ハン レイ ソウグウ ケイケン ノ ヤクワリ
  • The effects of instructing metaknowledge concerning non adhocness of theory
  • 理論の節約性に関するメタ知識の教授の効果

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It is said that types of rule revision triggered by counterevidence depend on various factors. The current research examined whether activating a metaknowledge,“theories involving fewer principles and non-ad hoc explanation of certain phenomena are better,” promoted revising prior rules into more generalized rules after encountering counterevidence. In Exp. 1, it was confirmed that revising prior rules to more generalized knowledge was too difficult, even when a subject had specified knowledge about counterevidence and other instances. In Exp. 2, before conducting a rule generation task, above mentioned metaknowledge was instructed explicitly to experimental group subjects, while not to control group subjects. It was found that subjects of an experimental group, significantly more than a control group, revised to more generalized rules after encountering counterevidence. This finding indicated that using the metaknowledge affected the type of rule revision and promoted revision to more generalized rules. A general discussion found out how this metaknowledge affected processes of rule revision, and its application to education was offered.


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