Basic Study for Development of New Insertion Device Using Hydraulic Pressure

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  • 液圧を穿刺に用いる注射器の開発に関する基礎研究
  • エキアツ オ センシ ニ モチイル チュウシャキ ノ カイハツ ニ カンスル キソ ケンキュウ

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This paper describes the development of a new insertion device that uses hydraulic pressure to position the needle of the device. This device simplifies insertion operations into cavities such as insertion for lumber epidural anesthesia; damage that can be caused to the tissue behind the cavities by overrun insertion is also avoided. When a anesthesiologist pushes the plunger, the needle moves forward to insert and then stops automatically when its tip reaches into the cavity; the automatic stopping is caused by the opening of a pressure chamber at the tip of the needle that limits the hydro pressure to the pressure outside the tip of the needle. Insertion experiments to simulators and porcine tissue were performed to verify the function of the proposed device, that is, needle movement and automatic stopping at cavities. These experiments were found to validate the basic formulae of the cross-sectional areas of the cylinders to control the insertion force and plunger force.



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