Some Problems and Their Solutions with the Operation of a New Type Technical Training in the Third Nation

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  • 国際協力としての教育メディアに関する第3国研修の新しい形での実施に伴う課題とその解決
  • コクサイ キョウリョク ト シテノ キョウイク メディア ニ カンスル ダイ3ゴク ケンシュウ ノ アタラシイ カタチ デノ ジッシ ニ トモナウ カダイ ト ソノ カイケツ

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We have performed a new type of the third nation technical training in Thailand in February, 2004. Trainees are the Papua New Guineans and the trainers and lecturers are both from Japanese and Thai sides. Major field of training is focused on the distance education with the use of televised communications. The Distance Learning TeleVision Station which is located in Hua Hin, under His Majesty the Kings project, has a lot of useful and valuable techniques as well as much know-how in this field. In Hua Hin there are several schools in which lectures in the class room are televised. From Hua Hin therefore the educational programs from the kindergarten to university levels are sent to all over Thailand through satellite technology. Papua New Guinea (PNG), on the other hand, has a lot of difficulties in education with the shortage of social infrastructures and geographical reasons. In order to solve the problems this nation started the curriculum reformation in 1994 already. To help the reformation and to solve the educational difficulties in this country the pilot project with the use of TV programs started in 2002 with the aides of SONY-JICA Partner project The Hua Hin's satellite project in Thailand is the model of this pilot project held in PNG. In order to perform the project in PNG it was necessary to train the technical persons, the management persons, and teachers who worked together in PNG. Present author had arranged the training program and performed the operation, under the deep and kind help of Thai side especially with the Distance Learning Foundation in Bangkok The difficulties during the training and operation for the training are also summarized in this paper.


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