The Influence of Cooperative Learning using Hypermedia on Creative Learning

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  • ハイパーメディアを用いた共同学習が創造的学習に及ぼす影響
  • ハイパーメディア オ モチイタ キョウドウ ガクシュウ ガ ソウゾウテキ ガクシュウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ

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It is expected that learning with hypermedia will promote the constructivism approachs for the learning. Since the computer network has been established, cooperative learning is just realized to enhance the learning with hypermedia. In cooperative learning using hypermedia, learners will be able to get into the creative learning situation with their interest, independence and positive attitude. In this paper, several possibilities of cooperative learning using hypermedia on creative learning are reviewed following by analyzing of learner's sociability. As a result, cooperative learning using hypermedia is the preferential model for learners with social skills. And it is the compensatory model for those of less social skills. So that it is expected that cooperative learning using hypermedia will promote the motivation, creativity, independence, and positive attitude for learners.



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