An Analysis of Expertise in Writing about Art

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  • 美術鑑賞文における熟達化の分析
  • ビジュツ カンショウブン ニ オケル ジュクタツカ ノ ブンセキ

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The purpose of this research is to establish a criterion for analyzing how students write about art; to examine the factors of learning appreciation from a viewpoint of expertise. At first, this research defines the expertise of writing about art from the three following points: (1) the levels of appreciating behaviors, (2) the diversity of appreciating skills, (3) the sophistication of context. Meanwhile an art writing software program is administered to 32 university students. According to the criterion, the results of writing are analyzed. The records of students' performance on the software program are collected and classified into 4 types. However the relationship between the types and the results of writing is not clear. On the other hand, the factor of students' disposition is confirmed to be important according to the case-study results. Specifically, students are able to improve their writings better, when they have their own questions about a painting from the beginning and search for their answers with appropriate reasons during writing.


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