1A1-J08 A wrench motion approach for dexterous manipulation of Jenga blocks(Robot Hand Mechanism and Grasping Strategy (1))

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  • 1A1-J08 ジェンガブロックの器用な引き抜きのための捻り動作の導入(ロボットハンドの機構と把持戦略(1))


In this study, our purpose is to give human dexterousness to robot system and we take up Jenga game as concrete work target. This paper describes new approach for dexterous manipulation of Jenga blocks. At first, we suggest wrench motion approach which human use and wrench motion model. Then, we confirm effectiveness of wrench motion, removing Jenga blocks actually. Finally, we implement wrench motion to remove Jenga blocks system. We make robot remove Jenga blocks, and compare its result with other study.


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