2A1-F10 Stabilizing Mechanical Sway of a Walking Robot Using a Torque Cancelling System(Dynamics & Design of Robot System)

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  • 2A1-F10 トルクキャンセリングシステムを用いた歩行ロボットの動揺抑制(【機械力学・計測制御部門】ロボットシステムのダイナミクス&デザイン)


A torque cancelling system (TCS) which considers not only the motion torque for objects but also the dynamics of a robotic architecture itself, is developed and equipped on a walking robot. The required torque for the system is computed by the parallel solution scheme which is developed based upon the finite element method. The scheme can compute the dynamics of complex mechanisms constituted with closed-loop mechanism and/or flexible links, and can also compute the moments generated at whichever locations in the mechanism. Experiments on the walking robot with a TCS showed a clear effect on stabilizing the mechanical sway in the walking motion.


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