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Impedance Control of an Action Support 6-Degree-of-Freedom Manipulator : On-Line Learning Method of Impedance Parameter Considering Forgetfulness(Mechanical Systems)

  • HAMAGUCHI Masafumi
    Department of Electronic and Control Systems Engineering, Shimane University
    Department of Electronic and Control Systems Engineering, Shimane University
  • YANO Kenichi

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  • 動作支援用6自由度マニピュレータのインピーダンス制御 : 忘却性を考慮したインピーダンスパラメータのオンライン学習法(機械力学,計測,自動制御)
  • 動作支援用6自由度マニピュレータのインピーダンス制御 : 忘却性を考慮したインピーダンスパラメータのオンライン学習法
  • ドウサ シエンヨウ 6ジユウド マニピュレータ ノ インピーダンス セイギョ ボウキャクセイ オ コウリョシタ インピーダンス パラメータ ノ オンライン ガクシュウホウ

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This paper proposes a control system for action support manipulators. A 6-degree-of-freedom manipulator is controlled with an impedance control. Impedance parameters are tuned by on-line learning with a force sensor. The learning rule is convenient and considers forgetfulness on handling. The proposed method is applied to a meal support manipulator as one application example. A weight between position control and force control is used to carry the hand to the mouth surely. Usefulness of this method is verified through experiments.


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