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Study on the Ease of Swallowing and Oral Perception of Commercial Retort-pouch Rice Gruel with Different Physical Properties: Comparison between the Young and Elderly

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  • 物性の異なる市販レトルト粥に対する口腔感覚および飲み込みやすさの検討―若年者と高齢者の比較―
  • ブッセイ ノ コトナル シハン レトルトガユ ニ タイスル コウクウ カンカク オヨビ ノミコミ ヤスサ ノ ケントウ ジャクネンシャ ト コウレイシャ ノ ヒカク
  • Comparison between the Young and Elderly
  • 若年者と高齢者の比較

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A sensory evaluation was conducted to compare the differences between elderly and young subjects in their oral perception of texture. Commercial retort-pouch rice gruel samples with different physical properties were fed to the subjects whose physical conditions and eating functions had been checked in advance. The panel of elderly subjects consisted of senior citizens without dementia, who regularly used day-care center services, who had good communication and tasting abilities, whose lips and tongues worked without problems, and whose masticating and swallowing functions were unimpaired. The commercial retort-pouch rice gruel containing the highest proportion of rice porridge was evaluated as “high” in hardness, both for the gruel as a whole and for the individual rice grains, and the apparent viscosity of the rice water contained in the same sample was evaluated as “highly viscous”. The sensory evaluation indicated more or less the same results between the elderly and the younger subjects, in terms of their oral perception of textural hardness and ease of swallowing. However, the elderly subjects found “stickiness” to be the perception most difficult to evaluate. The results of the study indicate that, for senior subjects with similar physical conditions and eating functions to those represented by the panel, the oral perception of hardness and ease of swallowing can be suitably evaluated by younger subjects.


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