Efficient computation of motion error of parallel robots with joint clearances based on joint force model

  • OHNO Masumi
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • TAKEDA Yukio
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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  • 対偶すき間を有するパラレルロボットにおける対偶作用力モデルに基づく運動誤差の高速計算法


<p>This paper proposes a method to compute positioning error of a parallel mechanism having passive spherical joints with clearances in motion without numerical integration nor iterative calculation. A model of passive spherical joints, in which the relationship between the relative displacement between the joint elements and the joint force obtained without taking the clearance into consideration is defined, is presented. Based on this model and the principle of virtual work, a procedure to calculate the output position error caused by joint clearance is proposed. Experiments for a DELTA parallel robot with joint clearances were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method comparing the measured output position error with the computational results. The applicability of the proposed method was discussed with a time variable for the relative displacement of the joint elements to converge, when the joint reaction force changes, defined as stabilization time. An index, representing an approximation of the stabilization time, was defined under consideration of rebounding and sliding motions between joint elements. The validity of the index was confirmed by investigating the correspondence between calculated index and the stabilization time obtained with experiments when changing the acceleration of the robot.</p>



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