Section SEM and Serial Section SEM


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  • 切片SEM法と連続切片SEM法
  • セッペン SEMホウ ト レンゾク セッペン SEMホウ

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<p>Section scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a novel SEM technique based on observation of backscattered electron (BSE) images of tissue sections embedded in resin on glass microscope slides. Using this technique, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM)-like images can be obtained without the need to use specialized techniques such as ultramicrotomy. In this paper, we introduce three techniques based on the SEM method: 1) BSE imaging of semithin sections; 2) correlation of immunofluorescence and BSE images of the semithin sections; and 3) combination of a cryosectioning method (the Tokuyasu method) with section SEM. Additionally, we describe serial section SEM, which is a novel 3D imaging method, and discuss the possibilities for use of these SEM imaging techniques for tissue sections.</p>



    KENBIKYO 55 (1), 18-22, 2020-04-30

    The Japanese Society of Microscopy

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