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Development of an Instrument for Plethysmography on the Forehead


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  • 測定部位に額を用いた脈波計の開発

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The low frequency/high frequency (LF/HF) value and the coefficient of variation (CV) value of the R-R interval on electrocardiograms are known to be indices for autonomic nervous functions. A similar autonomic nervous function index is obtained with an optical method where plethysmography is used to detect blood volume at the capillaries on the tip of a finger or at an ear lobe. Since these methods require body restraint, we developed a portable detection system for autonomic nervous functions by attaching an optical sensor on the forehead. We demonstrated that this system gives similar results to the LF/HF value and the CV value from the autonomic nervous function systems and is an effective measure of activity in daily life.



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