Facilitating explanation activities using a concept map in collaborative learning: Focusing on coordination and argumentation process

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  • 協同学習におけるコンセプトマップを用いた説明活動のファシリテーション: 協調的プロセスと論争的プロセスに着目した検討
  • キョウドウ ガクシュウ ニ オケル コンセプトマップ オ モチイタ セツメイ カツドウ ノ ファシリテーション : キョウチョウテキ プロセス ト ロンソウテキ プロセス ニ チャクモク シタ ケントウ

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<p>This study investigated what kind of facilitation prompts are useful for collaborative learning on dyads explanation activities using concept maps. Based on the literature of collaborative problem studies in cognitive science and learning science, we focused on several types of utterances of collaboration and argumentation. In Experiment 1, we conducted a protocol analysis to investigate whether learners used schematic utterances of collaboration and argumentation during the task. Next, based on this analysis, we originally developed facilitation prompts and conducted a controlled experiment on the use of these prompts. The result showed learners who were facilitated in collaboration were higher than were not facilitated in collaboration and learners who were facilitated in argumentation were higher than were not facilitated in argumentation. Also, learners who were facilitated outperformed learners with the control condition where there was no facilitation prompt.</p>


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