Development of a Step-by-step Teaching Method of Academic Writing to Encourage Proactive Learning

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  • 主体的な学びを促すアカデミック・ライティングの段階的指導法の開発
  • シュタイテキ ナ マナビ オ ウナガス アカデミック ・ ライティング ノ ダンカイテキ シドウホウ ノ カイハツ

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This paper introduces the “Step-by-step Teaching Method of Academic Writing to Encourage Proactive Learning.” It has been developed by authors and describes outcomes from the introduction of this method in the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics of Niigata University. This method has two stages. The first stage is for first-year students. In the first stage, the students experience processes of report writing, including a topic search, report writing, a presentation, and an improvement of their report. In the improvement of their report, they use report evaluation sheets as the “advance organizer.” In addition, they make improvements to their reports in groups as well as with the correction by higher level students. The second stage is for students in second-year and onwards. In the second stage, the students learn academic writing through the correction of other students’ reports. By correcting the reports, they can review their own academic writing skills and may be helpful for their thesis writing in the future. Consequently, this teaching method is able to assist the students in improving their awareness of academic writing and help them promote “proactive learning.”


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