Research of grasping and transporting of objects by cooperation of multiple mobile robots

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  • 複数移動ロボットの協調による物体の把持運搬に関する研究


<p>There are many difficult tasks to solve for grasping and transporting operations, specially, one of them has difficult tasks to grasp every object with one type of grasping mechanism. Therefore, robots with gripping mechanism cooperate based on recognition technology to try and solve this problem by grasping and carrying various objects. In this research, we propose a system that shares objects gripped by a robot with a relatively simple gripping mechanism based on recognition technology. Recognition technology based on deep learning recognition using RGB information and recognition technique based on depth information and autonomous mobile robot with different gripping mechanism can handle more objects by sharing grasping transportation for each object. Experimental results have shown the effectiveness of the proposed system.</p>


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