How Can the New Course of Study Contribute to the Development of Curriculum Research and Development?

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  • 新学習指導要領は教科教育学の発展にどのように寄与できるのか
  • シンポジウム 新学習指導要領は教科教育学の発展にどのように寄与できるのか
  • シンポジウム シン ガクシュウ シドウ ヨウリョウ ワ キョウカ キョウイクガク ノ ハッテン ニ ドノ ヨウ ニ キヨ デキル ノ カ

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The new Course of Study aims at nurturing “creators of future society”. “Competency”, “viewpoints and ways of thinking” and “active learning” must be utilized to achieve the end. Moreover, “competency” etc. function not only among subjects but also as a common concept for collaboration among different school levels on a subject. For example, social studies develop new axes such as the framework of contents, social viewpoints and ways of social thinking and skills to investigate social events, so it establishes consistency between elementary, middle and high school levels more than was the case before. In addition, as these points of view work effectively, “selection/judgment” type classes have been newly established in social studies. In order to realize the new Course of Study, consistency between elementary, middle and high school levels is a pillar. On the other hand, an emphasis on subject characteristics may increase closed discussion in a subject. Now, what is needed is a framework for cross-linking subjects such as “Citizenship Education”. It is also necessary to establish a new subject for the development of Curriculum Research and Development.


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