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The exemplifying marker Demo and its modal restriction

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  • 例示の副助詞「でも」と文末制約
  • レイジ ノ フクジョシ デモ ト ブンマツ セイヤク

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Kyoto University of Education


The exemplifying marker demo cannot be used in factive past sentences. This is not because demo expresses just an exemplification which is ambiguous in nature, but because demo stands for the tentative extraction of an example from knowledge. The exemplifying marker demo cannot be followed by a context in which another example is introduced. This shows that demo refers to just one element, and the meaning of exemplification is attached by the tentative extraction of an example from background knowledge, although kananika refers to parallel examples. The model of tentative extraction explains the modal restriction of demo; factive past sentences assert the existence of real events which cannot be tentatively described. This use of demo reflects the character of our way of managing our information.



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