Misconception of Convection and Utility of "THERMOINK" in the Unit of "How water is heated" in the Fourth Grade Elementary School Science

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  • 小学校4年「水のあたたまり方」における誤概念と「サーモインク」教材の有効性
  • ショウガッコウ 4ネン ミズ ノ アタタマリ カタ ニ オケル ゴガイネン ト サーモインク キョウザイ ノ ユウコウセイ

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<p>In general, regarding the teaching of "How water is heated" in the fourth grade elementary school science, observations of temperature change in test tubes, using thermo-tape, or observations of convection in beakers, adding sawdust or tealeaves, are commonly adopted. These methods, however, might not establish correct concept of convection. In this study, the actual condition of students' understandings about convection is revealed by means of concept examination; the fourth grade students who have not studied the unit are selected as pre-sample participants, and junior high school students who have studied the unit are sampled as post. The result shows that many junior high school students possess a misconception about convection; furthermore, the misconception can be seen in the textbooks and study aids in the commercial market, and it is feared that even teachers teach in accordance with this wrong concept. In addition, this study utilizes newly developed 'THERMOINK' as a teaching material and attempts to compare lessons with this new material and with the former 'thermo-tape and sawdust'. In consequence. it is revealed that the new lessons with 'THERMOINK' have enabled the students to learn the correct concept of convection. and the efficiency of 'THERMOINK' as a teaching material has been proved in this study.</p>


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