Influence of Tactile Feedback and Its Delay on Usability of Mirror Interface

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  • ミラーインタフェースにおける触覚フィードバックの導入とその遅延がユーザビリティに与える影響
  • ミラーインタフェース ニ オケル ショッカク フィードバック ノ ドウニュウ ト ソノ チエン ガ ユーザビリティ ニ アタエル エイキョウ

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<p>The mirror interface can be used for various environments and be expected as an intuitive input method for diverse users. Visual and auditory feedbacks are used for the traditional mirror interface. In this study, in addition to these feedbacks, a tactile feedback is adopted to improve the usability of mirror interface. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the influence of visual, auditory, or tactile feedback delay on the usability of mirror interface. As a result, tactile feedback did not affect the task completion time. However the delay of tactile feedback was easier to be noticed by the user than the delay of auditory feedback. Furthermore, it was found that the tactile feedback might give the user a certain feeling of selecting the desired target.</p>



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