Some Agenda of Capacity Building for Coping with Global Aging

  • Ogawa Takeo
    President, (NPO) Asian Aging Business Center Project Researcher, (Public Incorporated Foundation) Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center Emeritus Professor, Kyushu University and Yamaguchi University

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  • 国際社会の高齢化に対応する人材養成の課題
  • コクサイ シャカイ ノ コウレイカ ニ タイオウ スル ジンザイ ヨウセイ ノ カダイ

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<p>The demographic transition theory is well-known as a theoretical consideration on global demographic change. However, it is forced to reconsider in confronting with a hyper-aging and population shrinking of Japanese population. Practically, the framework of capacity building of human resource is also changing, which is required in coping with global aging. A large quantity of international labor migration is generated on a difference among crossregional aging. The maintaining quality and quantity of international labor force is a big issue both in an origin country and a destination country. However, Japan, as developed country which has new problem of aging, does not contribute to the capacity building of human resource in coping with global aging. Recently, the Japanese government published “Asia Human Well-Being Initiative”, and will step forward to start capacity building of international human resource seriously. In this paper, I am considering about issues of capacity building of human resource on the behind of theoretical debates, and strategical challenges by world organizations, and Japanese domestic change towards global aging.</p>


  • Keishin Journal of Life and Health

    Keishin Journal of Life and Health 1 (1), 3-13, 2017

    Keishin-gakuen Educational Group. Research, Development and Innovation Center for Vocational Education and Training

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