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Study on autonomous braking control system based on motion prediction considering overtaking motion of cyclists

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  • 自転車の他者追い越し場面における移動予測に基づく自動減速制御システムに関する研究


<p>This paper presents motion prediction model of cyclist based on potential field for a hazard-anticipatory collision avoidance braking system to enhance the collision avoidance performance and secure the smoothness of driving. The target situation is chosen as the scene that a cyclist overtakes a pedestrian or another slowcyclist based on the traffic survey. The 1st order motion predictionmethod reaches its limit under the situation that a cyclist runs towards a pedestrian or another cyclist as the prediction is conducted based on the current position and velocity of cyclist within a finite time horizon. If the overtake action of cyclist can be predicted before the cyclist changes moving direction, the vehicle maneuver to avoid collision with cyclist can be executed in advance without activating harsh braking. The trajectories of cyclists overtakes a pedestrian and a slower cyclist is measured to find the characteristics in overtake action.Motion prediction model of cyclist based on potential field is constructed by considering the trajectory analysis. The effectiveness of the proposed prediction model in the target scenario is verified by comparing the measured trajectory with the calculated data based on 1st order prediction and the proposed method.</p>


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