Influence of Jasmine Fragrance Stimulation on Acceleration Pulse Waveform(Session<Others>,The 22nd Symposium on Life Information Science)


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  • ジャスミンの匂い刺激が加速度脈波に与える影響(セション<その他>,第22回生命情報科学シンポジウム)

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Recently, there is increasing utilization of various fragrances in the field of complimentary therapy. This therapy is called aromatherapy. When fragrance stimulation reaches the olfactory nerve center, it influences the autonomic nervous systems, making changes in pulse waves. The purpose of this research was to determine how the fragrance stimulation influences height ratios (b/a, c/a and d/a), where a, b c, d mean wave heights of elemental waves a, b, c, d composing an acceleration pulse wave form. As a result, b/a was significantly decreased by jasmine fragrance stimulation, while c/a and d/a were not affected. This experimental result suggested that the extensibility of blood vessels was increased by jasmine fragrance. After the stimulation was stopped, all the ratios returned to their initial state within about 5 minutes.



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