How Can a Student Survey be Utilized to Promote University Reform?

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  • 大学改革に学生調査をどう生かすか
  • 大学改革に学生調査をどう生かすか : もう一つの「学生調査とIR」
  • ダイガク カイカク ニ ガクセイ チョウサ オ ドウ イカス カ : モウ ヒトツ ノ 「 ガクセイ チョウサ ト IR 」
  • A Fresh Example of “Student Surveys and IR”
  • もう一つの「学生調査とIR」

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<p>  This paper aims to examine how a student survey can be utilized and positively evaluated in pursuance of facilitating the sharing of university-related problems among students and teachers, and of activating the exchange of opinions about university reform.</p><p>  The paper begins (Chapter 1) by confirming the characteristics and significant points of the current student survey and refers (Chapter 2) to other significant surveys carried out in recent years. It continues by presenting the well-known I-E-O model (college impact theory), slightly revised with the aim of enhancing the impact of the analysis on university teachers (Chapter 3). In the latter part of the paper (Chapter 4), I set ouf a framework embracing the concept of active learning as a specific example of what kind of analysis can be used to check whether a university reform has succeeded, and, along with this (Chapter 5), report on large-scale student surveys and on the trend toward and the significance of interuniversity benchmarking as means of enabling limits on surveys carried out by individual organizations to be overcome.</p><p>  Finally I added consideration about the role of IRer not as who handles the task that the university executives require, as who do his work autonomously.</p>


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