Cooperation among Special Needs Education School, Technical High School and Institute of Technology through Development of an Application

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  • 特別支援学校・工業高校・大学によるアプリケーション開発を通じた三校連携の取り組み


This paper proposes a new cooperative association between special needs schools, technical high schools, and institutes of technology through the development of an application. The authors organized various classes over a one-year period in upper secondary schools and universities to enable high school students and undergraduates to collaborate toward a shared goal. The analysis of reports written by participating students revealed the educational effectiveness of the program in learning pertaining to realistic problem solving. With an eye to the future, tasks such as effective schedule coordination among the three parties, the development of a travel budget for students, and better technical assistance from undergraduates to high school students need to be undertaken and the issues therein must be addressed.


  • Journal of JSEE

    Journal of JSEE 67 (4), 4_104-4_109, 2019

    Japanese Society for Engineering Education


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