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Approach to Development of a Nursing Care Robot at Okinawa Prefectural Council for Needs-Seeds Cooperation on Nursing Care Robots

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  • 沖縄県介護ロボットニーズ・シーズ連携協調協議会における介護ロボット開発の取り組み
  • -Development of an All-in-One Nursing Care Robot for Transferring and Moving Support-
  • ―移乗介助・移動支援一体型介護ロボットの開発―


<p>This paper introduces approach to development of a nursing care robot at Okinawa prefectural council for needs-seeds cooperation on nursing care robots. In this work, we proposed V-model development process with rapid prototyping for nursing care robots. The V-model development process was utilized to development of an all-in-one nursing care robot for transferring and moving support.</p>


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