A study on pedestrian position estimation using RSSI-based position fingerprint in indoor

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  • 実環境におけるRSSI位置指紋を用いた歩行者間位置推定の研究
  • - Theoretical evaluation of position estimation accuracy -
  • ―位置推定精度の理論的評価―


<p>This paper describes a novel estimation method of human position for the collision avoidance system in practical use. This method uses RSSI-based position fingerprint to estimate human position at low cost and latency even if human is around obstructions such as walls. We conducted an experiment to verify the error between estimated and measured values of distance and direction. Its result shows about 6m maximum error for distance and about 5 degrees maximum error for direction. From this experiment, our proposed method is expected to make humans aware of the direction of others approaching to avoid the collision. As future work, the accuracy of human position estimation should be improved especially the distance error which is occurred by the reflection of a radio wave.</p>



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