Introducing TI Literacy Education

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  • 「翻訳通訳リテラシー教育」の提案に向けて
  • 「 ホンヤク ツウヤク リテラシー キョウイク 」 ノ テイアン ニ ムケテ

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This article explores the value of incorporating introductory courses aimed at enhancing ‘Translation and Interpreting (TI) Literacy’ into TI Education at the undergraduate level. We propose that offering courses that provide a basic literacy in TI to a wide range of undergraduate students can be a valuable means of both identifying potential students who will go on to pursue professional education in TI as well as fostering individuals who will go on to become effective users of TI services and supporters of TI professionals in a wide range of fields. Student feedback from an undergraduate course designed for the abovementioned purposes seems to point to the value of covering a wide range of concepts and issues in TI practices through a combination of lectures, workshops, exercises and other interactive/participatory methods that allow students to realize the relevance of TI to their own studies, daily lives, and future careers.


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