Relationship Between Teachers’ Mental Health Literacy and Children’s Perceived Support, Depression, and Anxiety

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  • 教員のメンタルヘルスリテラシーが児童の抑うつ・不安に与える影響
  • キョウイン ノ メンタル ヘルスリテラシー ガ ジドウ ノ ヨクウツ ・ フアン ニ アタエル エイキョウ

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<p>This study aimed to investigate the relationship between teachers’ mental health literacy (MHL) and children’s perceived support from their teachers, depression, and anxiety. A questionnaire survey was administered to 14 teachers and their schoolchildren. The results revealed that teachers’ MHL did not correlate with their schoolchildren’s perceived support. Moreover, using hierarchical linear modeling, we found that children’s perceived support reduced anxiety at an individual level and depression at both the individual and cross-level. In addition, teachers’ coping strategies decreased their children’s anxiety. Based on the above results, the future of MHL education for teachers has been discussed.</p>



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