An evolutionary approach to conservation ecology and ecosystem management

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  • Kadowaki Kohmei
    Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University
  • Yamamichi Masato
    Department of General Systems Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  • Fukano Yuya
    Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  • Ishizuka Wataru
    Hokkaido Research Organization, Forest Research Department, Forestry Research Institute
  • Mimura Makiko
    Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University
  • Nishihiro Jun
    Center for Climate Change Adaptation, National Institute for Environmental Studies
  • Yokomizo Hiroyuki
    Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies
  • Utsumi Shunsuke
    Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University

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  • 進化を考慮した保全生態学の確立と生態系管理に向けて


<p>Research has shown that evolution occurs on the same timescales as changes in population size, and that gene frequency and population dynamics interact with each other. A growing recognition of such eco-evolutionary dynamics highlights a need to study how ecological and evolutionary interactions play out on timescales most relevant to conservation and management. However, the roles of evolution in the outcomes of conservation and ecosystem management are not well understood. This review aims to illustrate the importance of considering evolutionary perspectives in conservation ecology when faced with anthropogenic environmental changes such as climate change, habitat fragmentation, and alien species. We describe the fundamental processes underlying evolution and discuss how evolutionary approaches affect conservation outcomes, as well as specific measures and future prospects for improving conservation and ecosystem management.</p>


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